Buying a unit in Sydney? Here's the 7 best actions to take before you purchase.

Buying a unit in Sydney?

paperbackstack_550x498_1.pngBuying a unit in Sydney can be harrowing; so much information, so many options, so many people willing to offer 'advice'. Whether you know your way around strata schemes or you are fresh to the vertical village owners corporation, it always pays to do your homework before you buy.

In IUM's new Must Have Guide to assist Sydney unit buyers, we’ve outlined the 7 steps to help you make the most informed buying decision before you sign on the dotted line. 

  • Information is power when purchasing property, that's if it comes from recognised and experienced experts.
  • At the heart of a sound unit investment is the understanding that your lifestyle and your capital gain is tied to the decisions of a voluntary committee of owners.
  • How well the owners and their strata manager have managed this collective property asset in the past can be investigated and we show you how in our new guide.

Download the free guide before you commit to a new unit and its strata scheme.