Enhancing Your Collective Asset in 2017 - a guide for Sydney unit owners

Sydney is changing fast.

Enhancing Your Collective Asset - 2017_ium.com.jpgUnits may overtake freestanding houses sooner than predicted. Along with that fast-paced transition a major shift in thinking will emerge about wealth creation and lifestyles. 

In IUM's new guide for Sydney unit owners, we’re introducing you to the brave new world of collective asset enhancement. What's that?

Download our guide and discover: 

  • the reasons why the residents of Sydney's 'strataland' (unit block dwellers) will radically change their thinking about that old Australian institution around 'my home is my castle'
  • case studies outlining the winners and potential long term losers of strata living
  • how you can get a 15% increase in individual unit values after an enhancement project of an entire block  
  • how to future-proof Sydney's collective property assets. 

This is well worth a read if you want to understand Sydney's property game right now and into the future. Download the free guide to get a head start now.