Want to enhance the way you protect your property asset?     READ HOW

Want to enhance the way you protect your property asset?   READ HOW

Independent Unit Management has played a key role in the development of a number of commercial strata schemes during the past 36 years. We manage several commercial properties from office blocks to shopping centres.

We understand the complex nature of managing these schemes in a way that not only protects and maintains the financial viability of individual commercial lots but the collective commercial property asset.

We do this with a strategic view of future aggregated property and plant values.

Please call us for a 30minute Commercial Strata Governance Assessment.

If your Owners’ Corporation is seeking a strata manager that:

  • plans for a better future
  • is proactive
  • plain speaking
  • passionate about well run environments

please contact us today.

Our focus is on enhancing your 'collective asset' and educating all decision makers, particularly body corporate executive committee members, about the positive impact of great governance on collective property value and commercial operations.

After the 30-minute assessment we can give you specific recommendations on how your Owners’ Corporation executive committee can make a difference.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Information is Power

Read IUM's blog 'The Collective Asset' to find out how to enhance, manage and protect your lifestyle and property value.

Read our blog

Stay Informed to Stay Ahead

Join thousands of property owners who rely on IUM’s The Collective Asset blog to stay informed about enhancing, managing and protecting the value of their collective property asset (their entire unit complex).

It provides valuable tips from industry insiders to give you an edge when buying into or living within a strata scheme in NSW.


Seek Management That Plans For The Future

Independent Unit Management is passionate about educating all unit buyers on the essential elements of creating a valuable collective asset that nurtures a safe and happy living environment.

"Family-like Partnership"

"I personally feel that over the years I have developed a family-like partnership with IUM, rather than a sterile, contractual service provider/client relationship”.

Diane Hacking


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