Want to enhance the way you protect your property asset?     READ HOW

Want to enhance the way you protect your property asset?   READ HOW

Independent Unit Management is one of the oldest family-run strata management companies in Australia.

Develop your career at IUM

With more than 36 years of experience in this complex field, we have cultivated an expert team of strata professionals who can assist across the consistently evolving requirements of strata law, insurance, compliance, changing demographics and building standards.

With apartment living predicted to reach parity with freestanding households in Sydney by 2030, we consider strata management a vital employment growth area.

It takes special skills, qualifications and a talent for excellent communication, to enhance, manage and protect multiple collective property assets.

If you are looking for a career as a strata manager or support staff, Independent Unit Management offers a fast paced and supportive environment. 

We are always looking for potential candidates with a pro-active approach to client service and an abundant enthusiasm for helping others.

If this sounds like you, please send us your resume so that when we are hiring we can discuss your career goals.



Information is Power

Read IUM's blog 'The Collective Asset' to find out how to enhance, manage and protect your lifestyle and property value.

Read our blog

Stay Informed to Stay Ahead

Join thousands of property owners who rely on IUM’s The Collective Asset blog to stay informed about enhancing, managing and protecting the value of their collective property asset (their entire unit complex).

It provides valuable tips from industry insiders to give you an edge when buying into or living within a strata scheme in NSW.


Seek Management That Plans For The Future

Independent Unit Management is passionate about educating all unit buyers on the essential elements of creating a valuable collective asset that nurtures a safe and happy living environment.

"Family-like Partnership"

"I personally feel that over the years I have developed a family-like partnership with IUM, rather than a sterile, contractual service provider/client relationship”.

Diane Hacking


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