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Protecting and Enhancing Your Asset | Independent Unit Management
Want to enhance the way you protect your propoerty assest? Read How
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Independent Unit Management believes leadership, in the form of proactive strata management and informed owners corporations, is the most important foundation in protecting and enhancing your asset.

  1. We advise on logistical, financial, property maintenance and statutory related issues with engaged executive committees. We work closely together with a view to enhancing, maintaining and protecting the community's collective asset and living or working environment.
  2. We strive to have an excellent working knowledge of the property. This may require regular on site visits.
  3. We seek to work with executive committees to prepare 1 year, 3 year and 5-10 year plans to create a sound basis for growing the equity of the collective property asset and ensuring pleasant living environments.
  4. We manage meeting agendas with reports on financial performance and the collective asset's current position relative to forward plans.
  5. We ensure action is taken on meeting decisions promptly and transparently.
  6. We ensure owners understand the 7 Elements of Great Governance so that vital decisions on sinking funds, insurance, investment of funds and plans for future enhancement or protection are made well.

If your Owners Corporation is seeking a proactive strata manager that plans for a better future, please contact us today.

We will give you A30-Minute Collective Asset Governance Assessment and recommendations on changes your owners corporation can make to plan for a valuable asset into the future.