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Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for your email.

Our office reopens on Tuesday the 5th January 2021.

At IUM we all understand that in times of emergencies we all need to help each other.

In the last 12 months alone Australia has had to face bush fires, drought, floods and Coronavirus.

Over the weekends, Christmas holiday period and other public holidays when the office is shut ,we offer the provision of the following services,

  1. IUM website – www.ium.com.au . On the home page please press on the Directory tab which will take you directly to service providers who may be able to help you with an owners corporation matter or responsibility.
  2. When contacting the relevant service provider please quote your full details to the service provider, the name of your strata manager and the Strata Plan number.
  3. You may direct an email to the following email address - emergencies@ium.com.au.
  4. A senior member of IUM will be reviewing incoming emails sent to this address and will reply to emergency cases only , within 24 hours.
  5. Emergencies include, storm / tempest damage, fire damage and or other major insurable events which may of damaged owners corporation property.

No general matters will be dealt with after hours and must be dealt with by your strata manager the very next business day on their return.

Thank you for your continued support of IUM.